Seongnam-si, South Korea, April 4, 2024 – HUMAX, a global mobility platform provider, has today announced a partnership with Uber Carshare, an Australian car-sharing platform. HUMAX will provide its keyless car-sharing device, the OTOPLUG, to enhance the mobility experience for Uber Carshare users.


Uber Carshare, previously Car Next Door, was acquired by Uber in January 2022. The platform is a flexible and affordable way for users to book a car and drive within five minutes.  Now available in nine cities across Australia, the platform also recently launched in the US and Canada.

The OTOPLUG, a versatile device from HUMAX, with remote control capabilities for various transportation modes, supports Uber Carshare in delivering a seamless and sustainable car-sharing experience.

Jeff Kim, president of Humax, commented, “The global expansion of our mobility service and device platform continues with this new contract with Uber Carshare in Australia. We look forward to extending our installation partnerships around the world, allowing more customers to experience the sustainable benefits of car-sharing services.”

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Founded in 1989, HUMAX stands as a total mobility solutions and services provider, offering advanced technologies for global operators. With a focus on its single mobility hub platform, HUMAX provides diverse solutions, including parking operations, shared mobility services, smart building solutions, and all-in-one fleet management systems. HUMAX’s expertise extends to EV charging technology for both domestic and commercial use. With 20 subsidiaries worldwide, HUMAX is a respected leader in technology solutions.

About Uber Carshare
Uber Carshare, formerly known as Car Next Door, is a car-sharing platform offering convenient access to vehicles for renters while empowering car owners with additional income opportunities. The name change came into effect in November 2022, following Uber’s acquisition in January 2022. Reflecting Uber’s commitment to providing a seamless and sustainable transportation alternative, Uber Carshare continues to evolve and enhance the mobility experience.

Learn more about Uber Carshare at Uber Carshare.